All our singers are renowned musical, jazz and pop artists, who are well-known in Belgium, Holland and Germany.

The ballet consists of 8 - 12 jazz, modern and classic dancers, who all where professionally trained
at renown Academies all over the world, from Antwerp, New York over St. Petersburg to Milaan. We only work with dynamic artists who have an advanced academic education and extensive stage experience.

The "Jack Million Band " exists up to 22 musicians, every one of them talented and with stage experience. A broad and varied repertoire, enthousiasm and spontaneity sets the Big Band apart from the others. The Jack Million Band had large succes with shows and tours in the USA, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands.

The wonderful string orchestra Maxemillecorde is under the artistic direction of Max Smeets, who was for years as musical director responsible for the successful productions from The Royal Ballet of Flanders. He sits at the piano and directs his famous 14 person string orchestra "Maxemillecorde".