Spectacular fast moving productions that you require showstoppers worldwide,Shows can range from musical, modern rock and pop, soul, house and RnB.
Traditional Parisian revues, Classic broadway musicals linked with audio visual production,live performance and backing tracks or live orchestra to make the perfect evenings entertainment for your guests.
A unique show on demand:
a “High Quality Show” does not have to mean “A Big Invoice”.
We can easily start from your initial budget and work something out on a fair balance of price versus quality + options. One way or the other we can produce a show that will give your guests something to talk abut for years to come.

Music for the eyes: the past few years we have designed over 335 unique costumes: modern, elegant, festive, ostrich feathered to carnival de Rio and Venice.

you can choose for a show of 2 times 60 minutes or short intermezzi.

Orchestral demands: depending on the budget, podium measures, atmosphere and/or number of guests you can choose for a big band, a string orchestra,a combo, a solo piano accompaniment or even a live-on tape performance.